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Special Dietary Requirements: Catering Sunshine Coast for Functions and Weddings

Added: 6 May 2013

Special Dietary Requirements: Catering for Functions and Weddings


Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the number of guests attending functions we cater with dietary requirements. This will continue to increase especially as people become more aware of foods and different ingredients and any reactions they can cause.

For those that eat a healthy diet and have never had to worry about excluding certain items from our diet, it can be hard to understand – especially when planning the catering for a large function. It is important to consider guests with any dietary requirements, and don’t worry you shouldn’t have to plan your entire catering and menu around a few guests.

With private events it can be easier to accommodate requests as guest lists can make it easier to understand numbers and specific guests. Where it is possible inform your catering company in advance to ensure steps are made identifying any items on the menu to avoid.

At public events we believe it is important to include a few options that are gluten free, vegetarian and/or nut free. This allows guests the opportunity to taste and enjoy your catering without having to worry about missing out. Labels are a great idea, especially with Food Stations for easy identification.

Dietary requirements can sometimes be a personal decision without causing health risks, these can include:



Raw Food

Other dietary requirements are caused due to intolerance or allergy. There is limited or no choice. These dietary requirements include but are not limited to the following key ingredients:

Lactose / Dairy


Gluten or Wheat Intolerance



We never enjoy seeing guests go hungry!

Plan ahead and work with your guests and catering company to ensure the menu can easily accommodate any special dietary requirements. Sometimes these food items can be the most popular at the event.



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