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SafeHands Catering Food Stations

Added: 10 August 2013

SafeHands Catering Food Stations

Food Stations are one type of catering style that SafeHands catering can provide. Food Stations are designated areas for food service that encourage a social environment for guests to move around. These can be styled, themed and designed to suit your event. Food Stations offer a different style of service to buffets in which tables are generally positioned in a straight line.

This style of catering can range from one food station or multiple food stations depending on the space available, style of food for service and the number of guests you are catering for. Lolly Buffets and Cup Cake stands are one of the most commonly known Food Stations however this can also include savoury options designed for guests to enjoy without formal seating required. Mini portions of meals including Tuscan Vegetable Pasta, Rustic Fish n Chips, fresh and cooked Seafood and Curries are popular options.

Food Stations allow the flexibility of a meal combined with the social atmosphere for guests to mingle. Perfect for relaxed weddings and corporate social functions!

Food stations can provide the option of more variety in the styles of food service, combining different options with textures and flavours. This works extremely well with larger guest numbers and provides a talking point for guests. Each guest can combine different options to suit their needs at the time.

If you are considering a different option to plated meals, buffet or banquet service, Food Stations offer a unique style that can be adapted to suit any occasion.


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