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Themed Food Stations

Added: 17 August 2013

Themed Food Stations
Themed Food Stations can be a visually exciting catering option for large functions.  They are styled to encourage guest interaction and are a very social form of catering.  Food Stations don’t need to look like a ‘camp kitchen’ or be bland in style.  Talk with your catering company about the type of function you are having and any style you are incorporating with decorations or colours with flowers.

Working with your caterer they can understand how to be creative with your catering to offer the best service possible.  Allow plenty of space for your food stations and don’t be afraid to offer multiple stations for guests.  Separating the styles of food is a great way to really showcase each option and allow the smaller touches that really create the interaction with guests.

If you are serving food styled from a particular country it looks amazing to decorate with flowers and objects associated with the place.  France is a popular example working with colours, flags and items guests can instantly recognise.  Another example is to get down to basics, a simple touch when serving fish is to provide a large bowl of whole and sliced lemon wedges.  This is practical for the service and can also be a great addition of colour.  

Height and colour is a creative way to style themed Food Stations.  Tall fresh flowers in large vases work really well with mini Finger Foods, vintage servers and platters are perfect high teas, symmetry and lighting also looks amazing when it comes to styling your Themed Food Stations.  If you are working with a stylist for your decorations, continue the same style with your catering service.
Themed Food Stations can be a lot of fun for guests and can offer a fantastic selection of options.

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