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Added: 24 November 2012

Heating up for Summer

Summer is a wonderful time of year.  With plenty of sunshine and clear days it is the perfect for outdoor events, Christmas/New Year parties and magical weddings.  

When planning ahead for your event held in the Summer months it is important to plan for the season.  
Shade is a must especially with day time functions.  Ensure there are undercover areas for guests to mingle and socialise.  If you are planning an outdoor function let guests know to bring an umbrella or hat if required – nothing worse than overheating or getting sunburnt.
Cool drinks should be easily available for guests on their arrival.  When planning a wedding we do organise beverages for after the ceremony, however it is easy to forget having drinks available on guest arrival.  Water, juice or punch are great options, make sure to have glasses available also.  This will ensure the alcoholic drinks aren’t used ahead of schedule.

Catering is an important part of any event.  With the service of drinks do ensure food is available for your guests.  Summer is a great time of year for Catering with plenty of fresh produce available.  Consider the number of guests, location and duration of event.  Finger Foods and Anti-pesto platters are a great catering option to begin your function.  They offer a social atmosphere and go perfectly with light drinks.
A buffet is perfect at larger functions, not only do our buffets look amazing they offer a delicious substantial meal with plenty of choice for all.  When planning where to position your buffet the weather and the length are the most important factors.  A buffet should be positioned in a shady or undercover area that is protected from wind.  Lighting is essential at evening functions, people love to walk the length of the buffet to see what is for dinner.
Enjoy your beautiful Summertime function with friends and family with good food and drinks.

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